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My inspirations

A painting, a piece of music, a poem, a novel, a culinary preparation, a particular landscape…
these all stimulate the senses and drive the imagination.

‘Tant de Belles Choses’ by Françoise Hardy

‘Even if I have to let go of your hand – without being able to say “see you tomorrow” – nothing will ever undo our ties… even if I have to go further – burn bridges, change trains – love is stronger than sorrow…’. This song has beautiful lyrics, an airy melody and Françoise Hardy’s inimitable voice.

Check out the song

Ralph Steadman

A titan of illustration, Ralph Steadman really is the sort of character that will leave a lasting impression on you and that you will envy for the rest of your life, so original and inventive is his graphic style.
His book ‘Between the Eyes’ retraces almost 30 years of his professional life.

Check out the author’s website

’Ok Computer’ by Radiohead

OK Computer, a legendary album released in 1997, addresses the negative aspects of modern society through progressive and haunting music that would go on to revolutionise the late ’90s and influence the alternative scene. How could you not appreciate tracks like ‘Paranoid Android’, ‘No Surprises’ or ‘Karma Police’.

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Goya’s ‘The Dog’

This painting by Francisco Goya, which I first encountered at Madrid’s Prado Museum in 2017, is incredibly moving!
With eyes lifted toward the sky (its master having probably vanished), the animal is desperate and seems to be drowning in immense solitude.

Visit the museum’s website

’Oltremai’ by Mattotti

I confess that I am enormously influenced by this great illustrator’s universe, both by his use of colour and his black and white drawings. I only recently discovered Mattotti through his masterpiece ‘Oltremai’.

Check out Mattotti’s blog

’Le gorille à bonne mine’ by Franquin

This is one of my favourite comic albums – alongside ‘QRN sur Bretzelburg’ and ‘Le Prisonnier du Bouddha’ – depicting the many adventures of Spirou and Fantasio. These books remind me of those long winter evenings that I spent in my room, reading and rereading the stories of these two globetrotters.

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’Because’ by the Beatles

Released on the band’s 1969 album Abbey Road, this song comprises a three-voice harmony, recorded three times, resulting in a total of nine voices. Its structure and lyrics are of a (seemingly) simple and efficient nature.

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Le Canal du Centre

This UNESCO World Heritage Site, with its four hydraulic boat lifts, is one of my favourite places to go to recharge my batteries, by taking long walks or working up a sweat while jogging.

Check out the Canal du Centre website